Aaron M. Brown

...so then I says to the guy, I says, those aren't ... what?

Oh, uh, welcome to Aaron's website. A bit embarrassing, really, as there isn't a whole lot here. Odds are you're looking for Aaron's blog? If that's the case, then you can find it here:

Magic Blue Smoke

Or if you need something from the archives, you might check out his older blogs. Just go ahead and tear the tarp off there and dig through. Take whatever you need.

Fifty-Two Tuesdays (Defunct)

The Blag Switch (Defunct)

No? That wasn't it? Hmmm, . . ., maybe you're looking for his Twitter feed? Or perhaps his much-ignored Flickr account?

Ah, so then you must be a potential client in search of Aaron's CV? I have a copy right here.

What? Still not what you're looking for? Well, in that case, I'm not sure I can help you.

Perhaps you'd best take it up with the management.